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Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally, the secret to your best finish time revealed!

Make sure your race sponsors a petting zoo WITH a camel. It truly is the camel that makes the difference.

Today I volunteered for what is perhaps the best race of the 2010 racing season. Who needs the Boston, New York, Chicago, or Marines marathon when you got the Fox Trot?

100+ Kindergartners running (and sometimes walking) their little hearts and legs out for a half hour straight to raise money for their school.

Look at that form!

Or there's always the "keep your hands in your pants" form which I've heard makes you more aerodynamic plus keeps your hands warm.

There's even a debate among 5 year olds regarding running skirts. She made a bold choice with this one.

My son showing off his racing injury.

Mad about those costumed runners always beating you? Well just surround them by 5 year olds and that will slow 'em down.

The triumph of winning.

Rogue sheep eating the race cones.

And no sissy massage chairs at the end - give me a bounce house anytime.

Good race kids - good race.

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