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Monday, November 15, 2010


I haven't updated in a while because the insanity of my work schedule but I've still kinda been working out - last week was only twice but before that was good and I have big plans for this week...

So first a little Weekly Results quick catch-up (more for myself than for you):
Oct. 24-30 Zumba on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Rest on Monday. Something at the Rec center on Wednesday and on Thursday ( I honestly don't remember what I did). I don't remember Friday/Saturday that week so I may have done nothing on those days.
Oct. 31-Nov.6 Zumba on the 31st. Nothing through the rest of the week because of my work schedule.
Nov. 7-13 Pilates for Pink on the 7th (more below), nothing on the 8th, Zumba on the 9th and 11th. Nothing on the other days.

This week:
November 14: 1.5 hr mixed workout at rec center than hour long zumba (yeah I'm feeling it today)
November 15: rest day
November 16: Zumba
November 17: Something at the rec center (most likely a run)
November 18: Lunch time workout and Zumba that evening
November 19: Something at the rec center
November 20: Perhaps a 4 mile walk/run outside if the weather is nice

Pilates for Pink - aka Save the Ta-Ta's
The rec center had a fund raiser on the 7th for Breast Cancer Awareness month (yes, I know that was October but I wasn't in charge of scheduing). It was 4 classses from 2:30-4:30, Pilates, Zumba, Butts & Guts, and Striptease. Yes, striptease - but no poles or removal of clothing was involved. It was fun and not too difficult except for B&G. It's been too long since I've been in that class and I could feel every single muscle involved over the next couple of days.

I'm going to sign up for a 4 mile run/walk Turkey Trot kind of thing on the 25th. I hope to be able to run (albeit slowly) through the whole thing. It won't be my best run - I think/hope my splits will probably be close to 11 mm. But it really has been a long time since I've run more than a couple of miles at one time.

I did my own mixed work out at the rec center yesterday. I knew I had about an hour and a half to get a good workout in but I didn't know what I really wanted to do. I started off with laps around the track which was fine. I got a mile in and thought I'd mix it up boot camp style by running a couple of laps and then doing other exercises inbetween. So I started off with crunches and other ab exercises, then a couple more laps, then squats/lunges and some arm exercises with weights. I got a little light headed after that one so I walked a lap. Then to finish that section of my workout some more abs and arm exercises. From there I still had about 40 minutes left so I biked for 15 minutes and did the elliptical for 20 minutes. Afterwards I got some trail mix and vitamin water and went to Zumba for another hour. I managed to pull a muscle in my hip area somehow during the squat/lunge portion of my workout so that's a little tender today but I really liked going back to that style of workout that mixed everything into one session. Perhaps I'll try to get into Boot Camp again next semester (my life runs in semesters since I work at a university) but I'll have to see what my overall schedule looks like.

Boring post - but as I said above, more for my records than your entertainment. :)

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