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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting Boot Camp again will be ugly.

Last weekend my husband and I had a long talk about our individual weight loss goals and work out plan. For me it was working out 45-60 minutes a day to jump start my weight loss (every pound I lost last year is back on me) and kick back the fat % which has frightened me from getting back on my fancy-shamcy scale.

But a whole week went by without much exercise and only a tiny effort towards eating better. I will be starting boot camp again but it doesn't officially start until the 22nd (or somewhere around that date) so until then it's up to me to keep a schedule. And we've all seen how well I do at that...


But I got in the gym today for an hour of cardio and some toning exercises. The cardio wore me out but didn't kill me (I kept the pace slower than were I was before - about 11 m/m). The toning exercises however were another story. And where I had excitement about starting boot camp before - I now have a more realistic realization of what the first couple weeks back will feel like. And that realization is not warm and fuzzy.

I haven't really looked at races yet for this year. I might do the Zoo Run Run again (3rd year in a row) but it would be with a friend and a walk/run thing since I'm nowhere near being able to run it at the same pace I did last year. I'm more serious about the 15k again since it's around my birthday and a nice excuse to get out of town and down to Chattanooga (a lovely place to visit). But I'll get through the first few weeks of bootcamp and then reconsider it.

I'm somewhat concerned about my side pain flaring up again and I don't want to lose money on race entries again so it's a wait and see. But even if I can't run in races I will lose this weight again (20 lbs) by my birthday. I'm completely disgusted with the gain and it will not stay on my frame.

I also told my husband that this was the year that we would buy me a bike - a nice bike not a Walmart/Target bike. It will need to wait until tax refund time but the plan is in the works.


  1. He you tried core workouts? They seem to help people with side stitches and such. I am sure your gym offers a core class that you can try.

  2. Mike - I did previously but not enough in the last 6 mths. It will definitely be a part of the boot camp experience. But the ab pain was more than a side stitch. It felt like I had mild appendicitis 24 hours a day for 2 months - didn't matter if I was exercising or not. Good times. :) But I need to get that core strength back and we'll see if it helps.