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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pandora caters to my ecleCtic side.

Ecleptic: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ecleptic or you're just too lazy to make sure that's the word you're really looking for... Sigh - worthless Master's degree...

I'm blessed to get the opportunity to spend a couple of days on the beach for a professional development institute. I happily set my alarm to wake up early for a run along the beach since most of the day would be spent sitting inside the hotel. Sigh.

But the sun doesn't come up as early in Florida as in Tennessee so it was 7 am before I got outside. The moon was just about to set and it was very serene. I just couldn't put on my newest play list craze - the B.E.P. station on Pandora.

So for the first time (and quite possibly the last time) I started off my run with Enya (or at least the Enya station). And it was good. It wouldn't get me through a treadmill run but it flowed better with the environment than hearing Fergie proclaim, "I'm so 2008 - you're so 2000 and late.... Boom boom boom."


  1. I have visions of you dancing circles, flailing your arms to "Sail away, sail away, sail away..." hehehehe

  2. fyi, 'ecleptic' isn't a word. i think you meant eclectic.

  3. Thank you paulo! I will fix that. Cheers!