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Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Review 2/7-2/13

Another good week of exercise and a good week of watching my calories. In the end I actually didn't eat enough calories (even though I did eat quite a bit and never really felt hungry) but I figured I needed a week to trick my body into weight loss mode and then I'll do better about getting enough calories per day once I count my exercise.

For example my typical caloric intake last week was between 1400-1800 calories which is good for weight loss without exercise but not enough with exercise. However, I'm finding it hard to find foods that don't just add some calories if I'm short in that category without adding too much fat and carbs. I'm trying to increase my protein as well so I think that's what is helping me not feel too hungry.

But here are last week's totals:
Monday - boot camp lunch, 30 min. Katrina is one of the hardest trainers this boot camp - she's way high cardio and never stops. But I know a session is good if I hate the trainer about 20 minutes into the class.
Tuesday - boot camp lunch, 30 min. Nate - does good weight and toning exercises with bursts of cardio in between.
Wednesday - no boot camp since the girl was sick but I got a little over an hour of cardio between bike and running.
Thursday - no exercise
Friday - boot camp afternoon, 45 min. Christina - circuit training including spin, weights, and loads of gluts and ab exercises. I also kind of hate her during the session. I ended with 20 min of the elipitcal to help make up for La Siesta at lunch - chips and salsa strike again.
Saturday - 5k (a little under 33 min again) and a good 45 min of weight machines (arms, legs, and abs).
Sunday - 45 min eliptical and hour Zumba

Weight was down 4 lbs since that awful weigh in. So a good week.

And this week is so nice and warm outside so that helps the overall mood feel happier and lighter. Unfortunately the wind is also crazy so I won't be out too much enjoying the sun but it is nice to see 51 degrees when I come into work in the morning instead of 11 (which it was just 3 short days ago...).

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