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Friday, February 4, 2011

Why my diet isn't working

Boot camp is going well. I had a couple days off but am past the initial soreness. I did lose some weight this week but I think it had more to do with cutting 12 inches of hair off my head.

Dang it - now I want some french fries...


  1. 12 inches??? I wanna see pics!! I would LOVE to chop my hair right now, but promised I wouldn't. :o) I will be getting a cut before we go in March, but not as short as I'd like. ha.

  2. I was ok with it for the first couple of days but am now unimpressed with the cut. Oh well - you live you learn. :) I'll eventually get around to posting a pic on FB. But I was able to donate to locks of love so that's worth being unhappy with my hair for a couple of months. Anyway - it's not like the ponytail look was doing me any favors.