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Friday, July 22, 2011

And on the seventh day Judy rested...

Until I had to do yard work. Our house is currently for sale and even though the prospects don't look good to sell it for a price we're willing to take we occasionally will get a "looker" and have to keep appearances up.

But never was I so happy for a rest day. I'm still fighting what I now fear is bronchitis. I'll know tomorrow after I visit the Dr. Good news is that I don't feel sick and have kept up with exercise all week. Bad news is that my lung capacity is decreasing as I type. I've tried the OTC stuff and am now ready for the good stuff from "behind the counter".

Last night was a rough night and I awoke feeling a bit like this:
(Despite actually taking Mucinex before bed.)

I thought I would be able to take the afternoon off of work but that didn't happen. I was glad that there was no exercise on the schedule. Tomorrow's schedule will include a 30 min run (inside because it's still gross outside) and a swim as long as I'm given the "all clear - except for your lungs which need better 'behind the counter' medicine" from the Nurse Practitioner.

Wednesday's swim went much better than last week but I still need so much work. As I told the trainer: "I'm about 3000% better than last week but I got 40,000% to go." I never exaggerate to make a point... I'm still worried about my ability to swim 200 yards and have the ability to move on to the next portion of the race. That's why I'm upping my time in the pool. It will probably help when my lungs don't feel so constricted and congested. Ya think?

On Thursday morning I got in the pool again and then used a stationary bike for my 30 min of bike. I set it to hills and tried to keep the RPMs up. Even at 7 am the heat/humidity was gross.

And now it's time to go drug up again on the semi-useless OTCs. Somehow the Mucus demon in my lungs isn't trembling too much...

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