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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crucial swim attire

I'm pretty sure this is how awesome I looked in the pool yesterday:

Or not.

Monday's schedule called for strength training and 400 yards in the pool (16 laps). I had goggles and my new sports swimsuit (because I think halter top tankinis are frowned upon in triathlons) and I was ready to go. I think one part of my brain thought the goggles would make me a better swimmer.

I made it 50 yards (2 laps) before I was ready to pass out. Useless goggles.

My problem is I can't keep my head down in the water and only come up to breathe every few second. I'm huffing and puffing on each stroke. Since I wear contacts the goggles do help me not have to swim blind but I tried to keep my head down once and I came back up choking on water. Definitely glad for the swim portion of our training - I'm sure there's exercises for this kind of thing. And I'm not so blithe about a 200 yard swim anymore.

As mentioned above I needed to buy a new swimsuit since I only have 2 tankinis (one for fatter me and one for smaller me) and a one piece with straps that tend to fall off when you swim laps. Since I am back to fatter me it wasn't a pleasant thing to look for and try on swimsuits. I actually kept my spandex shorts (another post in my head about clothing that I might post later) and sports bra on while trying the thing on. I don't spend a lot of time looking at myself in it so I really don't know how it looks on me. I had to really shop around to find a sports swimsuit. The normal stores don't carry them anymore. I looked at Zappos.com but they didn't have any I liked (both style and price wise) that were in my size. I finally lucked out at Dick's Sporting Goods but still didn't have a ton to choose from. I'm eagerly awaiting my new cover-up as well: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Women-s-10-in-1-Convertible-Cover-Up-Dress/15819522 I'm also pretty sure this won't be needed for the triathlon but it was so cute and versatile.

The strength training involved a lot of squats and lunges so I'm horrifically sore today - Heloise is not happy with me. I did my 20 min run this morning (already in the 90's with the heat index at 7 am today - gross) and will do Zumba tonight to make up for an awesome hibachi dinner and strong drinks last night. The diet starts again - today, not yesterday.

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  1. Well done!! I'm useless at swimming as well, even in my really fit days I could never master the breathing.