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Friday, July 29, 2011

Epic Lung Battle

This is how my lungs feel.

I'm a little better at the end of this week but I got an added steroid pill to help the inflammation. I felt awful on Monday but did a little swimming. It wasn't the full drill that we were asked to do but I did get out there for a little bit. At the end of each length of the pool I would come up coughing and gasping for breath. I wasn't really sure in the end if it was worth going out there and struggling through it.

On Tuesday I did skip out of the group run. I still felt awful. It was over 100F again with the heat index. I felt bad about backing out but there was nothing in me that could convince myself it was worth it to run in that heat. I made Tuesday my rest day.

Wednesday, same battle ensued. The dementors sucked the hope and eagerness out of me. I came home from work and took a nap. But for some reason I got out of bed and made it to swim practice. And it was good. Hope won out.

So maybe I'm over the worst of it. I certainly hope so. I do so wish this heat wave would break but I don't have high hopes for that either.

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