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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have Diaper Bag: Will Bike to Work.

I lucked out and was able to borrow a bike from a co-worker for these 8 weeks of training. Now I have more time to shop for a bike to keep. Today's workout called for a 20 minute bike ride and I can make it from my house to work in about that time (maybe less) so I decided to bike it to work today.

The problem came in how I was going to bring my clothes to change into and my lunch. We only have one backpack in our house and my husband uses it for his work stuff - thus it was in his office at work. My only other option was to use a diaper bag that I still had hanging around in the coat closet. It's plain black and not too diaper-bagy looking so I decided to take it rather than come up with an excuse to not bike to work. I slung it around my shoulders/chest and made it to work just fine. I'll do strength conditioning at the rec center after work and then bike it back home.

But let's step back to yesterday's group swim. My nostrils can still feel the chlorine burn almost 24 hours later. Since my goggles didn't magically help me swim better I decided to try a swim cap. Surely the magic is in the swim cap! My daughter thought it was a pretty fun thing:

I'm saving this photo for her wedding reception.

We got to the YMCA pool and were told to go down and back (50 yards) so they could see our techniques (or lack thereof). I think we then did another 50 yards and then some practice being face down in the pool learning how to breathe out and then turn to the side to breathe in. I was winded at this point so even that exercise was tough. Then we did 100 yards of kick board laps. I can keep my head in much better with the kick board - it's my arms flailing about that throws my breathing off I guess. At this point every time I got done with 50 yards I would feel a massive headache starting to pound in my head.

We were told to do another exercise, something like an alligator snap to keep your arms in the right position, and that was 50 yards. On the way back I choked on water and my head really felt awful. I got out of the pool to sit on the side for a moment and one of the coaches came to check on me. He told me that I was basically feeling the side effects of moving my head so much in the water plus being winded. He compared it to the feeling you get after the Tea Cup ride at Disneyland and I couldn't agree more. The rest of the group did another 100 yards to finish but I called it a day for myself. My head hurt badly for the rest of the evening. My calves also started cramping up. I had serious doubts about my ability to do this triathlon.

But then again, this is just week one of eight. Things always get better. I will need a lot of practice time in the pool. My plans are to spend some time just swimming super slowly to practice getting/keeping my head down and how to breathe better so I'm not spinning around like the Mad Hatter.

Swimming is serious business.

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