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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hooray!! Wait.... Hooray?

The Facebook is a tricksy little hobbit.

On Friday afternoon I was surfing the web working diligently and happened to see a chance to enter a contest to win a free entry to the 2011 Middle Half race. You know, the one I couldn't run last year, the one I didn't even bother registering for this year because there was a good chance I would be in Morocco, plus I haven't run more than 5k in a while. But on a whim I entered said contest sponsered by Murfreesboro Magazine. The race sold out in 11 days back in May so the only spots left were from sponsors. All I had to do was get added as a friend to their Facebook page and then leave a comment begging for a space. I beg quite well.

And I won one of the Golden Tickets. A FREE entry to a sold out race in my own backyard.

Glee quickly turned into the realization that I would have to start doing long runs again. But since I am invested in my tri training I can wait on runs of more than 6 miles until after September 3rd.

But I am excited. I'll talk to my tri coach about how to incorporate mileage in a smart way - she's qualified for Boston before so I trust her opinion. And this will give me something to keep working for after September 3rd.

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