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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thigh envy

It's hot here this summer. Much warmer than last summer. The past week has seen several days of heat indexes in the 100's. Now I grew up in Arizona so I'm used to heat. But there is something to be said about "dry heat" compared to humidity + heat. Every summer I've always let the heat be my excuse to not be outside.

Last summer when I completed the RC Cola Moonpie 10 mile run in mid June I finally convinced my brain that I could survive if the temps happened to be above 75 degrees. Then during my few weeks of 1/2 marathon training we also had quite a few runs in temps much higher than my normal comfort zone.

All that to say, I now know I won't melt or perish in the summer heat. However, since my legs don't look like this:
(picture stolen from this website - "Thanks!": http://www.runningwithmascara.com/tag/strength-training-for-women/)

I've always gone for cropped, or knee length capris/pants.

I've tried a couple of different products to help with chaffing but running was still majorly uncomfortable in shorts.

This summer I found a pair of spandex shorts to wear underneath regular shorts and I had a great experience running in them last week. I still feel a bit self-conscious running next to people that are much skinnier with better looking legs - and most everyone has much tanner skin than I do. But I try to comfort myself with the fact that I've reduced my risk for skin cancer.... (it doesn't help much).

I avoided spandex shorts because of my traumatic adolescent experience wearing bike shorts underneath my gym shorts for freshmen P.E. The shorts they made us wear were super short and the largest size they had still barely squeezed over my thighs. I felt much worse about my thighs when I was 14 than I do now. The other girls looked great (at least in my mind) in those shorts while I looked awful and somewhat dorky with the other spandex shorts beneath them. I hated P.E. It's taken me a good 19 years to get over that memory.

Anyway, my wardrobe has expanded and the shorts feel great on these awful hot days. Remind me, why did I sign up for training that lasts through July and August?

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