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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Review: 7/10-7/16

A good week back:
Sunday 7/10 - 20 minute run with a heat index of 107
Monday 7/11 - 30 minute strength training, 200 yards swim
Tuesday 7/12 - morning 30 min run (no group run due to heat), 60 min zumba in the evening
Wednesday 7/13 - 45 min swim (about 400 yards total)
Thursday 7/14 - 20 min bike before work, 5 min bike and 10 min walk after work, 60 min zumba in the evening
Friday 7/15 - rest day
Saturday 7/16 - 3 mile run (35 min), 2 mile bike ride (easy), later in the day another bike ride 4 miles (easy)

Weight went up 4 lbs after our anniversary dinner on Monday but seemed to go down 2 lbs overall by the end up the week. I'll start tracking my weight loss more carefully this next week but I have been tracking my intake to keep an eye on things and to make sure I'm getting a good balance (carbs/protein/fat).

I'm also fighting a bit of a cold right now so my hope is that it will run it's course quickly. So far it's not keeping me from the exercise but it is making me feel more tired afterwards.

Future weeks:
  • Strength training is a series of squats, lunges, weights for arms, and planks.
  • Sundays from now on will be bike rides and I'll continue to get Zumba afterwards until we start doing bricks.
  • Tuesdays will be runs of increasing distances/time - my focus is to stay within 3-4 miles but increase my speed again. I've fallen back down to struggling for a 12 mm. But this week was 3 minutes faster than last week so hopefully that will improve to closer to 30 minutes by the time race day comes.
  • Wednesdays will be group swims. I'll try to get my own time in the pool when I can.
  • I got the stuff to sign up for the Fenton Payne 5k race in August. It starts at my work and will be a good pre-run to the tri. No aspirations for a PR - just a goal to work towards.
And now a new addition to my weekly results - my favorite workout song of the week:

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