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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Results 7/17-23

A visit to the Dr on Saturday morning confirmed that I do have bronchitis. So now I have an abuterol inhaler, codeine cough  syrup, and an antibiotic. Here's hoping my lungs and windpipe clear up soon. Since I've been lucky enough not to get a fever or other cold symptoms it hasn't been too bad. It's easier to breathe during cardio than it is just hanging out on the couch or in my bed.

Sunday, 17th: 6'ish mile bike ride with group and Zumba
Monday, 18th: 500 yard swim
Tuesday, 19th: 30 min run (12 mm) and 60 min Zumba
Wednesday, 20th: 600 yard group swim
Thursday, 21st: 400 yard swim, 35 min stationary bike
Friday, 22nd: Rest day
Saturday, 23rd: 30 min treadmill run at 5.1 mph
Lbs lost: 2.5

I did everything according to our training schedule except for strength training but I did add in extra cardio. I had first planned to swim on Saturday as well as run but I just did the run because of spending time doing other family obligations. It is interesting fitting in the time to exercise. I wish I was happier to wake up early. I did go early on Thursday which was easier (for my family) than coming home late or missing another kids bedtime.  I often dream about not having to work and being more flexible to work out but not working would mean the kids wouldn't be at daycare and suddenly I wouldn't have so much time anymore. :)

It will be the same schedule next week but I'll increase miles on the bike and speed on the run (not by much but I need to get used to going a bit faster again).

This week's song comes from a mixture of Zumba and my love of Glee:

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