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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Results 7/24-30

Another week gone by. Summer is almost over since my son starts school again at the end of this week. The college students don't come back until the end of August so work will still be summer like but I won't have the luxury of easy mornings anymore since we'll have to get him to school by 7:45 every morning. But enough about my end of summer lament. Onto the results...

Sunday 7/24 - 60 min bike, 60 min Zumba. Group bike ride for tri training. About 10 miles at an easy pace for most of them - a moderate pace for me. My borrowed bike does not gear well for any kind of hills so the slightest incline is a bit of a pain. I had enough energy to go on to Zumba afterwards but considering how hard I crashed the next couple of days I now think I should have called it a day.
Monday 7/25 - 30 min swim, easy drills. Felt bad that day.
Tuesday 7/26 - Rest day
Wednesday 7/27 - 60 min swim drills (approx 600 yards total). Seeing much improvement on technique but still very worried about endurance and finishing a full 200 yards without stopping to breathe at the end of each length.
Thursday 7/28 - 35+ min on the stationary bike (set to hills and level 9, I tried to keep the RPMS around 100). Was happy with that pace and made it just over 10 miles. If I can bike the 14 miles in under an hour for the race I'll be happy. Finished up with 10 min of a 5.0 jog/run on the treadmill.
Friday 7/29 - 35 min run with cool down. 30 min swim drills (approx 400 yards)Made it 3 miles at slightly less than 11 min/miles for the run. Improvement continues but still a ways to go.
Saturday 7/30 - 43 min run/walk & 30 min swim. Woke up slightly hungover from my medicines. Typhoon like weather outside so I went to the gym with hubby and suffered through the dreadmill while watching Evan Almighty. I mostly ran for 33 minutes and walked for another 10 (mostly beginning and end but I did take two walking breaks in the middle). Energy was not there. In the afternoon I felt better so I went back to the pool and did more drills.
Weight loss: just a little over a pound this week. The steroids I'm now on have me snacking more but I'm still trying.

Since I caught the end of Evan Almighty while on the dreadmill I was able to catch their ending credits song and I also had this song on my running mix on the ipod shuffle that got put in wash a few months back:
I like running to this song and it brings me back to the early/mid 90's. Good times. Good times.

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