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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well that's a hell of a welcome back

Literally hell. Read on my patient blogging friends - who probably got notified of a new post and thought, "who is this person?"

Yes, yes it's been very quiet in the fitness world of Judy. Only an occasional Zumba class thrown in whenever we didn't have t-ball, house selling madness, and just plain laziness. My husband recently got back on a health kick and has been hitting the gym everyday. One can only live with such smugness for so long before one gets the gumption to show him that he has nothing on you.

So Zumba increased and I made it to the gym a few times but it still wasn't enough to blog about. "Oooh I did 40 min on the elliptical" - that's the stuff of exciting blog reading...

Then an opportunity popped up and I said yes.

A training group for this triathlon: http://www.startriathlon.com/ (200 yard pool swim, 14 mile bike ride, and 5k run). I had my eye on this triathlon before but when things didn't work out with Schwinny, and I never got into the pool, and then my gallbladder/whatever thing...

But now I'm officially training for my first triathlon and I'm going to get back into the grove of a regular exercise routine again.

Today was the first meeting and the coach said we'd go on a short run. No biggie says I until temps started going up to the high 90's and the heat index was inching closer to 110. Never a fan of hot weather running to begin with; this was particularly disturbing to me. But I went to the meeting thinking surely they wouldn't be crazy enough to make us run at 4 pm with a HI of 107?


I went in my running duds (more on that in a future post) because since we weren't running (surely) I'd hit the gym afterwards. After a nice meet and greet - I like this group more than the 1/2 group I was in last year, probably just because it's smaller and there's other slow runners so I don't feel as bad about my skills (or lack thereof) - the coach said, "ok let's go 10 min out and 10 min back."

And no one else had a panicked look on their face or protested because of the heat so I just kept my mouth shut too and tried not to give the coach my mom "look". It was awful, hellish, but it was only 20 minutes (and less than 2 miles with my current super fast speeds) so I survived.

We meet three times a week: Sundays = bike, Tuesdays = run, and Wednesdays = swim. I'll get in other workouts on the other days. I got 20 lbs that snuck back on to work on as well. This week you'll also get to hear about clothing adventures and buying a new bike (which will hopefully work out better than Schwinny. Sigh... Schwinny - I loved her so.

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  1. Great job getting back out there!! I'm struggling to getmthings back under control after my little vacation... Ugh