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Friday, July 15, 2011

You are the weakest link - good bye.

I was enjoying a nice ride home on my borrowed bike yesterday. I stopped at a light and when I got going again I heard a little pop and suddenly my pedals were free spinning and I was going nowhere. A quick glance down and behind me and I noticed that my chain was no more.

It was pretty rusted. So what was a nice ride home became a hot, boring, walk home while pushing the bike. My husband tried to help me out (after I had walked about 3/4 of a mile) but there was no room to put the bike in the trunk of our compact car. Once we finally made it home I figured out how to put the bike rack on the trunk of our car and made a quick trip to our local bike shop so they could fix it.

It took them all of 6 seconds to install a new one and I got to look at pretty Trek bikes while I waited. I should have watched them put the chain on so I knew what to do in case it happens again but the Treks were very pretty.

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