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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bienvenido a la jungla

I did all my workouts this week and had good intentions of updating the blog but I never got the time between work and home. So here's everything in an extended weekly review.

Sunday 8/7 - First Brick. 10'ish miles bike and 1.5 mile run. 30000 degrees F with 4209644.25% humidity.
The day started off a little stressful. I spent the morning working on a project for a graduate class and my husband and brother in law (who's visiting) were trying to help by getting the kids out of the house. Unfortunately they took both cars and neither had plans to be back by the time I needed to leave to meet the group. Thankfully I was able to track down my husband at Gold's Gym and told him to get home "right now". Unfortunately (again) the car he had was not the one with the bike rack and the trunk was full of kids' toys and junk we're eventually going to get rid of. I didn't have a lot of time so there was a lot of throwing things around and muttered curses as I cleared the trunk and back seat (so it could fold down) to get the bike in the back of it.
I made it on time and we started our loops. It's a good road with no really big hills but steady inclines and declines. The loop is almost 2 miles around and we did 5 loops. Then we started on the run. I've never done a "real" brick before. The closest has been 10 miles on a stationary bike at the gym and then a 5k afterwards. I would have called that a real brick before last Sunday but I now know that your muscles do NOT get the same workout on a stationary bike (no matter what kind of hills and level you put on it). Suffice to say my legs were like jello when I started my run - which quickly turned into a walk. For the first half I walked/ran but then I just got too hot and walked the rest back. I wish I could have pushed through it but I knew I was overheated. Unfortunately NONE of the slow runners in our group showed up to the brick so I was the only one walking that much. Misery does love company after all.
Monday 8/8 - Swim drills on my own. 600 yards. Found out I can do one length (25 yds) in 30 seconds but that I can't do more than 6 lengths at a time right now (actually I learned that on Wednesday). I'm really working on finding a slow pace that will keep me steady through 8 lengths (200 yds, race distance). I don't care what my time is - I'd rather get through without feeling like death. I still estimate 5-6 mins for the swim.
Tuesday 8/9 - Group run, 30 mins about 2.75 miles. Not too many showed up for the group run on Saturday. I ended up running with the coach - who's nursing an injury so she was fine with going "slow". Her "slow" kind of pushed my "comfortable but not slow" pace. But it was good to be pushed. Still hot but not miserable. Also I got my tri clothes!! So I ran in those - tri shorts and shirt (tank with zipper). I'll get a pic and review of them up sometime next week.
Wednesday 8/10 - Group swim. I think around 600 yards (I lost count). I did well and continue to improve each week. Too bad I need another 2 months before the tri instead of 3 weeks. We did some ab work afterwards and my underused muscles are still sore...
Thursday 8/11 - Bike on my own. 7.14 miles at 36 min. This one was tough. I started off and it felt like going through sludge. My legs were so not into it (I actually had planned a blog post titled: "She's not that into you."). Eventually I felt more warmed up but I never did go "fast" on the ride. I thought I was over 8 miles (didn't really pre-plan the ride) so I was disappointed to learn it was just barely over 7. I did an out and back route that will probably become my norm - just that I'll go farther out. It was the first time to test it and while it's on a busier road it does have wide shoulders so I don't feel close to traffic. If I get out before 7 the traffic isn't too bad. The road will be very much like what I'll ride for the tri so it's good practice.
Friday 8/12 - Rest day, hooray!! And I dared to weigh myself and found that I was down 1 pound.
Saturday 8/13 - Run on my own. The training plan was for 35 min (EZ) but since I now have a 1/2 marathon coming up in mid-October I knew I needed to start looking at long runs. So today was 5 miles. I purposely kept it slow - 12 mm. Forcing myself to slow down on pace. Taking walking breaks when I found myself reaching a mile before the 12 min mark. I didn't want to crash at the end. Even so the last 1/2 mile was hard to keep going but I ended at 58 min. I did stop the timer when I was blocked by a train. I ended up having to crawl under a bridge to get past it because it stopped and there was no other way to get around. I've done it before but it kind of creeps me out (bugs, animals, weirdos hiding out - there was none of that in reality but my imagination runs wild).

So a good week but I keep wondering if it's enough to get through the tri. The brick was disappointing when the run was so hard. Forget what I said about times in last weeks posts. I'm back to just wanting to get through all three portions without too much walking at the end. In any of the three areas I'm not the slowest one (of our group) but once you combine everything I'll be at the bottom of the finishers. However, I love this training. It's so much more interesting than just logging miles every week. I'm happy to be attempting a new kind of race because the excitement of just being able to finish something that I once thought impossible still motivates me more than trying to beat a PR. I definitely will do more tri's in the spring and next summer.

And here's the song of the week. Brought to you by Pandora who thought I needed a little bit of 80's awesomeness on my run today:

This one was the first one I found that I could embed - plus I knew you always wanted to know how to sing this song in Spanish.

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