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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling...

If I hear that song it never gets out of my head. And I heard it about an hour ago. Should make falling asleep especially annoying tonight.

But I shuffled along this morning for my run. There was a group run at 6 pm tonight but there was still a chance of a heat index around 100 so I bowed out and did my run at 6:30 am instead which was only 74 degrees but very humid. I had to change my route mid-run due to a very large dog that scared the crap out of me. I had planned to go 4 miles but ended up getting 3 miles in with 11 mm averages. My legs were shot from doing spin the night before.

Usually Wednesday nights are swim nights but we got a decent thunderstorm in our area that started right at the same time our swim practice did. So everybody got kicked out of the pool. Since we swim at the Y and our coach also teaches spin at the Y our backup plan has always been to bring stuff for spin in case we can't swim. And thus last night we did a 40 min spin class instead of 600 yards of swim. It was a good workout. I definitely needed the cardio burn since I've completely gone off the wagon with my diet.

I had planned to get some laps in this afternoon after work but I ended up working until 6 pm (August is the worst month to work at a university) so that didn't give me enough time to get a swim in before getting home to the family. Tomorrow is my son's first day of 1st grade so it was definitely more important to be at home. I've thought about getting some laps in on Friday or Saturday but we'll see how that works out. Saturday will be an EZ run and Sunday is our first brick workout.

Why the diet has failed this week.

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