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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The problem with apps

Forget all I wrote about in the last blog post about my speed according to the Runtastic app. I now know the thing is completely unreliable.

Unless I really can run 18.8 mph....

Which would be awesome!

(BTW - my legs look exactly like that when I run)

I used it again last night on the group run and it had my max speed as 18.8 which is just ridiculous. The overall time was 35 minutes and it says I went 3.59 miles but I think it was closer to 3.2 miles. Even with the correct data I had a decent run. Though I learned an important and valuable lesson (which should have been obvious).

Never, ever, eat Burger King onion rings 5 minutes before a run. Especially when it's still over 90's degrees out.

I won't disgust you with the results of my error in judgement.

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