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Friday, August 19, 2011

So I won't be doing flip turns...

My attempts at flip turns were comical. I'd get upside down and be completely confused as to which direction I was supposed to go. After a few tries I stopped and went back to drills (which were also awful). The pic to the side is not my own but yet another stolen image: http://triandfinish.blogspot.com/2011/01/flippin-flip-turns.html kind of funny that they also stole it. We discussed flip turns at the group swim on Wednesday. We have a couple of really good swimmers in our group and I made the comment that I kept waiting for the girl in my lane who used to competitively swim do some flip turns. She and the coach agreed that Tri's are no place for flip turns since you're most likely going to run into someone since everyone is sharing lanes.
So there you go. I got a nose full of water and some humiliation (as I'm sure I entertained the lifeguards) all for nothing. Or maybe I was just mad because drills on Monday did feel so awkward and awful. It was as if it was my first time in the pool. I didn't look forward to Wednesday very much.

Tuesday night was the group run. Hot again but not as hot as it has been.Solid 11 mm for 35 minutes. Ran by myself this time as I was slower than the the 3 or 4 people in front of me but faster than the 3 people behind me. All the time thinking - these slow pokes better show up to the brick on Sunday so I'm not coming in last again. My pride can't take flip turns and coming in last all in the same week.

On Wednesday we were informed that we would be going the distance that night - 200 yards at once. I was terrified. It wasn't fun, it wasn't smooth but I did survive. Then we had to repeat it. And actually the second time was a bit better than the first. When given the choice to finish with another 200 or 100 if we felt tired I wussed out and took the 100. I was tired.

I end every single swim with a massive craving for a strawberry shake. I haven't given in yet but it sounds so yummy.

Tomorrow is my first race since last Thanksgiving and that ended up being a 4 mile walk since I woke up fighting a stomach bug. It's a local 5k and I have no plans for time. I'm treating it as a training run - just with a lot of other people. I'll keep my 11 mm pace and have fun. This is also a test for the new bungee ties I got for my shoes. I seriously need to make a post to highlight all the crap I've bought in order to do a tri. One day - one day I'll get to it...

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