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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The time has come...

The Walrus said - to talk of splits and goals.

I really haven't timed myself in the swim or bike yet so these are very rough estimations based on what I've done on a stationary bike and how people did last year at the same triathlon. You know, a "scientific way" of figuring it out...

Swim - last year the winner completed the swim in 2:15 and the slowest person was 8:20. My brain is telling me that my pace will be around 6 minutes but who knows. We'll do a time trial at some point. Then again, I haven't been able to complete more than 50 yards in one stretch yet so I might be over 8:20...

Bike - My goal is for sub 60 which is only 15 mph. If it is a fairly flat course (which is how it's advertised but they are probably liars) I may be able to go faster than that but at this point in training I feel comfortable in saying 15 mph.

Run - Sub 35 (11 min/mile). Yes, I used to run much faster than that but I haven't really been able to go much faster recently and after the swim/bike portion I don't see myself surging at a faster pace.

Not counting transition times this puts me at just over 1:36 for a finish time. I'll come back to revisit this calculation after our brick next week. Maybe I'll finally remember to bring a watch so I can time the bike portion (I'm still GPS free on my rides/runs).

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