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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Results 7/31-8/6

I'm still trying to recover from our first brick today but I'll save the agony of that story for a future post.

Sunday - 10 mile group bike ride. Still forgot to bring a watch so I don't know the time but it was a good ride. My legs/arse was quite numb at the end and it was super hot again. Afterwards I felt okay enough to go to Zumba
Monday - 600 yard swim, drills. Felt pretty good about it.
Tuesday - 8 mile bike ride. Did remember a watch so I was able to calculate a pace at the end. Turned about to be 12 mph once you counted all the stops and such (was mostly in neighborhoods so there were stop signs, turning, lights, etc.). The nice thing about that ride was that the air was actually cool. I felt chilly when I started. Delightful!
Wednesday - supposed to be group swim night but a major thunder storm rolled through and we got 40 min of spin. Good workout. Diet had completely crashed by this point in the week.
Thursday - morning run, 3 miles, about 11 mm. There was a group run that evening but temps were going to be high and I'm over this heat.
Friday - rest and margaritas (it was just that kind of week)
Saturday - tried to walk/run outside but more rain. Did walk 2 miles then got to the gym were I ran another 2 miles with intervals = .25 mile at 5.0 and .25 at 6.0 for two miles.
Weight Loss: not looking at the scale, if anything it will go up this week.

This week's music selection might not be in your normal running mix but I happened to listen to it earlier today and it stayed through my mind on the bike ride. Good cadence for a bike ride...

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