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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly Results 8/14-20

Another week closer to the tri.

Sunday 8/14 - 16.4 mile bike ride with a couple of "real" hills. Had good company with one of my group mates that made the ride very enjoyable. The temps were awesome. Growing realization that I do not want a mountain bike or even a hybrid.
Monday 8/15 - Swim drills. Epic fail at flip turns. Felt like the first time in the water. Somewhere around 600-700 yds.
Tuesday 8/16 - 35 min run. Back to miserable hot weather. Ran at even 11 mm splits. Enjoyed my music since I was on my own for the run (people either faster or slower than me).
Wednesday 8/17 - Group swim. First time to swim 200 yards in one try. Felt a bit scared. Wasn't as bad as Monday's swim. Survived and even survived when she made us do it again. Still planning on taking this part as slow as I can (6'ish minutes for the swim).
Thursday 8/18 - Felt wiped out so I didn't bother to wake up early for a bike ride. Kind of planned to bike after work but then the time was spent buying things at Fleet Feet to use my 10% tri discount and then at B&N with my husband. Didn't feel too bad about an extra rest day when all was said and done.
Friday 8/19 - Regular rest day. Thought about a workout but wanted fresh legs for the 5k
Saturday 8/20 - 5k race. 75F with about a 10 degree increase with the heat index even at 7 am. Lots of fun though. Good route (out and back along a flat, mostly shady road). 1st mile was 10:30, 2nd mile was 10:32, didn't have a marker for the 3rd mile but knew I would have 10:30 splits. Finished at 32:30. Though it was slower than previous 5k's I was still happy with my time given my current fitness level and the heat. However, I was so sweaty my earbuds wouldn't stay in my ears - kept sliding out at the end of the race.
Weight loss - about 1 pound but I'm not being good about my diet. Don't have enough time between work and home to track my calories.

Song of the week:
I know I've posted this video on here before (maybe a year or so ago) but I love it and I used it for this week's mind cadence for our brick since I don't use music while on the bike.

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