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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Results 8/21-27

One week left until the Star Triathlon. The first part of these results will be long so I can document the brick. The rest as you'll see will go pretty quickly. My husband is out of town and we're about to start classes at the Uni so there hasn't been a lot of focus on working out this week.

Sunday 8/21 - Second group brick. Went MUCH better than the first brick. Same distance on the bike and run (just under 9 miles bike and 1.5 mile run). The heat was a bit better. I used my gears more effectively. I didn't try to keep up with the road bikes which killed my heart rate before. I used Nuun and Chomps during the ride to keep energy levels up. I tested out the Runtastic app on my BB and while it was a bit cumbersome to get set up while I was biking and then switch it to running it was the first time I could get real stats on my ride.
Bike - Mileage 8.85 (but I missed a couple hundred feet while trying to get it started), time 37 m 38s, Avg speed 14.1, & Max speed 19.2. It didn't give me a mean speed but on the chart I spent the majority of my time between 14 and 18 except for the hill (small but deadly especially after 5 loops) which dropped me down below 10. Finally I feel confident enough to say my goal of 14 mph on the race is realistic and could be a bit faster with a flat course and no wind.
Run - Mileage 1.37 (once again it took me a bit to get it started), time 15:38, Avg speed 5.3 mph, & max speed 6.7 mph. I had two short walking breaks on this run but overall felt much better about it than the previous week where I couldn't run at all.
Monday 8/22 - Should have been swim but I didn't get to it.
Tuesday 8/23 - Group run - intervals. Ended up going a little over a 5k for distance. Used my app again:
3.21 mi, Time 35:47, Avg speed 5.4 mph, max speed 11.5 mph (I have a very hard time believing that one - it might have been while I was going down a hill) I think my real max speed was about 8 mph. The intervals were 1 min fast run and 2 min recovery. In the end my recovery times were walks.
Wednesday 8/24 -Group swim. Did a time trial. I struggled, and I mean struggled, through the 200 yards and had a time of 4:43. So I wasn't far off with my swim goal of 5-6 minutes. I don't plan on going faster than 4:30 for the race.
Thursday 8/25 - So tired. Nothing.
Friday 8/26 - Another busy day. Nada again.
Saturday 8/27 - Cleaned my house - does that count?
Weight - only God knows.

Song of the week: This week's mental cadence song for our brick. I don't remember this video from the 80's but like most videos from the 80's it has very little to do with the actual song...

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