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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The first part

Still waiting on pictures but I do have my official results now. So I'll start things off with the pics I do have.
My body woke me up at 5 am but I stayed in bed until the alarm went off at 5:30. I made some breakfast (2 Eggo waffles, one with peanut butter and honey and the other with an egg). As always it was a bit hard to eat all of it in the early morning. I fought nausea for most of the morning. Getting out of the house was easy as I had already packed everything the night before. We left a few minutes earlier than planned and started the 1/2 hour drive south to Manchester. About 1/2 way down I almost lost my bike when a gust of wind came off of a semi that I was passing. It picked the bike up a little off of my rack. I saw it lift in my rear view mirror and about had a heart attack. Thankfully it didn't come off. We pulled over and secured it again. Also on the way down I saw a couple of deer frolicking along the highway. I watched them with caution in case they decided to bolt across the road. I later learned that they did jump across the road and someone behind me received some serious damage to their truck. Dumb deer.

Look at the big ol' mountain bike, second from the right.
Check in was easy. I got my numbers, body markings, and timing chip. The chips were awful. The strap wasn't big enough for my ankle and the extenders were ridiculously long. Then I was too dumb to put it on the right way so I eventually had to get someone to duct tape it on my ankle. This turned out to be a good thing since several people started to lose theirs as they got into the pool.

There were a couple of people there already from my group already but most of them came a few minutes later. So my transition area wasn't close to the rest of the group but that was fine. After fixing my chip, going to the bathroom, and listening to pre-race instructions it was time to line up for the pool.

About to jump in
The blue hat in the middle (about to be passed)
I was number 85 (out of 150'ish). Our numbers were given based on our expected swim times. Everyone around me thought 4:30-5:00 minutes so I knew I was in the right spot. Everyone entered the pool one at a time and we had to jump in the deep end (12 feet) before pushing off. So it took 30 minutes until I finally got to the pool.

Jumping in was really awkward. We never practiced that since we all assumed we'd start the time in the water and be able to push off the wall. So I started off in an unexpected position and while I tried to recover and concentrate on form I felt awkward throughout the swim.

I quickly found that I was going to be able to pass the lady in front of me but as I tried to keep my eyes on her I would lift my head and get out of a pattern. I ended up lifting up my head about as much as I did when I was first learning how to swim properly. Sigh.

About 5 laps in I started to wonder how the hell I was going to make it through this thing. At this point there was another lady right behind me and I eventually had her pass me at a wall. I got to the end of lane 7 and walked for a few steps to regain my breath. Then I realized I only had one more lane to go down and I was very happy. I tried to do better with my form and ended the swim much better than I started. But at the end I got stuck behind that woman I had let pass me. She took her sweet time getting up the ladder to get out of the pool. In retrospect I should have just jumped up on the side of the pool and climbed out but I wasn't thinking clearly. I probably lost about 20 seconds waiting for her to climb out. The swim time didn't officially end until we crossed the mat that was by the door.

The transition was about 1/2 a mile from the swim. I only exaggerate slightly. We had to run around the entire building to get to the transition area. I saw one of our coaches outside and I told him, "well the swim was only semi-awful."

My swim time ended up being 4:57 (stupid delay).

Transition was fine. I probably could have shaved some time off of it but I was still a bit shaken from the swim. One thing that slowed me down a bit was putting on a watch but that was the only way I was going to keep track of my time on the bike and run and the watch wasn't water proof. But I did remember everything I needed so that was good.

About half-way through the bike ride I lifted my hands up to check to make sure I put my helmet on the right way. Thank goodness I had. I really didn't want the backwards helmet pictures.

My total transition one time was 2:46 but about a minute of that was the run from the swim to the transition.

I'll post the bike/run reflect as soon as my team posts the additional pictures. My husband lost track of me after transition one so I don't have any other pictures on my camera. But I know my coach took several other pictures while I was on the bike/run.

But here's the final results (which were finally posted around 11 pm last night):
Total time: 1:51:50
Swim: 4:57
T1: 2:46
Bike: 1:01:38
T2: 0:48
Run: 41:43 (ended up being a full hellish 5k not an easy/breezy 2.6 miles)
Age Group place: 4 of 5 (The fifth didn't finish but I was about 2 min shy of getting 3rd place)
Overall all place: 131 (Far lower than I had hoped. Oh well.)

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