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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Running in a hurricane

Which sounds cooler than the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee...

After posting yesterday I knew I had to get my run in somehow. The first plan was to run home, get exercise clothes (since running in knee high boots and a long skirt would have been awkward), and go back to the rec center for the inside track or treadmill. But when I walked outside it was no longer really raining - just this steady fine mist. I thought to myself, if I've run all summer in blistering heat surely I can survive a fine mist.

So I went home, put on exercise clothes, and hit the streets outside my house. It was brilliant. No, not the sky - that was dark and ominous. But the run was brilliant. I didn't really sweat - or if I did I never knew because even fine mist will get you pretty wet after a few minutes. But I wasn't struggling through 11/12 minute miles. I was happily going along at 9:30/10 mm. I went through hills and a full 2 miles before I even thought about walking. I went a full mile longer than I had originally planned. It felt so good. I was worn out by the end but recovered pretty quickly.

I really needed this good run. Mentally I was stuck in the "running is hot and hard and I don't like it" mode and could not see myself increasing miles to prepare for the 1/2. Now if our weather stays cooler I think I can make it through the next six weeks. It won't be 55 degrees again (at least for this month) but it shouldn't be 100 either.

As always though my brain has random thoughts during my runs and here's the gem from yesterday:

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