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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sometimes life gets in the way

So even though I did survive the Great Warrior Dash of 2011, I did manage to receive a rather nasty injury. That blister I talked about in the last post turned out to be a bigger problem than I first realized. I had to keep it clean so that meant a multitude of hydrogen peroxide washes which are not all that pleasant. But there is just no good way to walk on a foot that has a quarter sized blister on the bottom of it.

Actual picture of the demon on my foot.
After two days I still couldn't walk regularly on it. Then it was rainy. Or I felt lazy. And well by the end of the week I could finally walk semi-normally but I hadn't done any exercise. I had to work on Saturday then I got into a house cleaning/redecorating mode and Sunday was gone too. This week hasn't been much better with my schedule so I've pretty much lost two very essential weeks of training before the half (just 8 days away now).

So here's the deal. I'm going to run/walk a 10 miler tomorrow morning and see how it goes. I know I'll have to run/walk the half. It doesn't make me happy because I know my time will probably be worse than my first half and I had previously vowed to never do worse than that time. But life is what it is and I won't skip out on this half for two years in a row.

Next week I'll bore with the mundane details of my slow 10 miler and how to cram for a half-marathon.

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  1. Actually the half is two weeks away! More time to cram!