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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tri withdrawal

I have something major to train for (1/2 marathon in just 6 weeks) but I'm lacking in the motivation department at the current moment. Partially because I'm better motivated by joining a group or having someone, like a trainer, that I'm accountable to meet with on a regular basis. And partially because the remnants of tropical storm Lee are going over us and it's dark and dreary out. We've gone from 100+ degrees to less than 60 degrees in 48 hours. It's a bit of a shock to the system.

So to help motivate myself I need a plan. I need to run and cross-train. I looked at my rec center's aerobics groups but didn't see anything I was too interested in (besides one spin & abs class). I have some good workout DVD's at home that are fantastic for cross-training but I have the hardest time getting myself to do a workout after 8 pm. I also want to keep up with swimming so I don't have to start from scratch for the next tri.

So my plan for the next six weeks (at the moment):
Saturday/Sunday - Rest or Long run (6, 8, 10, 12, 8)
Monday - EZ run (3 miles, easy pace)
Tuesday - Spin & Abs class
Wednesday - Tempo/Speed work (4-5 miles)
Thursday - Weights at gym or at home DVD
Friday - Swim

I have a couple of Saturdays where it would be hard to fit a long run in so for those days I'll do my long runs on Sunday.

Of course this first week is all screwed up so here's my modifications:
Monday - didn't do anything
Tuesday - EZ run (if I can get out of the house)
Wednesday - Spin & Abs (if I can get out of the house)
Thursday - EZ run (I need a week's break before starting tempo work)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Long run - 6 miles
Sunday - Swim (drills and 200 yard stretches at least twice)

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