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Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekly Results, Harry Ol' Chap

In my never-ending quest to entertain my handful of blog readers I found this jewel and had to share.

I'll do an extended time period of my weekly results since I got a little off schedule this week.
Sunday 9/4 - post triathlon laziness. Thought about going to Zumba since it's been a while but I just couldn't get enough motivation.
Monday 9/5 - really planned on doing something but still nothing.
Tuesday 9/6 - 4 miles in the rain. Had a blast.
Wednesday 9/7 - hour spin/abs class. Good stuff.
Thursday 9/8 - nothing
Friday 9/9 - lots of wine
Saturday 9/10 - almost 4 mile slow run. Painful.
Sunday 9/11 - 27.83 mile bike ride with an overall average of 13.25 mph for speed. I split the miles into 3 portions with a few minutes of rest in between the portions.
  • The first part was 6.45 mi. I stopped, ate a power bar, and gave my sit bones a rest for less than 5 minutes.
  • The second part was 9.2 mi. Once again I sat and rested for a few minutes (probably over 5 but less than 10).
  • The third part was 12.18 mi. This was a surprise. I had never gone the full length of the newer portion of our greenway but I didn't think it would add up to that total mileage (roundtrip and this actually included getting back to my house as well).
So it was an okay week for exercising. I should have done more overall and definitely at least one other day of running at least 6 miles but now my mind is back to "running is hard - boo hoo". Stupid mind.

I've changed my thoughts on my weekly schedule (going back more to my tri schedule) so here's my thoughts for this week:
Monday - swim & strength training
Tuesday - run (3-4 miles)
Wednesday - spin & abs
Thursday - long run (7 miles)
Friday - rest
Saturday - Warrior Dash - Craziest frickin' day of your life! (it's a 5k with obstacles)
Sunday - bike

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