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Saturday, October 15, 2011

If Ke$ha and Bono were to procreate....

In spite of my lack of training I completed the Middle Half this morning to surprising results.

I haven't blogged much about the prep for this because there was basically no prep after the Warrior Dash. I did try a 10 mile long run last week but only got 4 miles in before I was walking more than running. I finished up with 6 miles total and I said to myself, "my God, what have I done?"

There was no other "good" time to squeeze in further training so I consider my taper a three week taper. That's good right? No?

Anyway, I hydrated well and ate well the night before. Except I don't think I'll carb load on Mexican food again because the combo of that and the Gu Chomps is not treating my bowels well.

Got to the race that started at 7:00 and NOT 7:30 with no problems this year. I had pre-race nightmares that I once again screwed up the start time. I put myself way back in the starting line - around the 3 hour group because while I hoped to do much better than my training run things didn't look promising. I hung out with some people from work in that area so a nice social time was had. I used a hand-held bottle of Nuun this year. It was the first time to use the hand held bottle. It was much nicer to use once I figured out how to loosen the strap so the blood wasn't cut off to my fingers (took me until 1.5 miles to figure that one out...). I also brought a pack of Gu Chomps with me. I did bring an iPod with me (allowed) but kept one ear bud out for most of the race. I love my music but I do like to hear things around me too.

I won't bore you with mile by mile details. I felt good for the first 4 miles. Started to feel the struggle 5-8 and then just trudged through 9-13.1. There was a mishap at this year's race. Around 1.5 miles a police car blocked off the turn so a LOT of runners kept running down to the next street to turn. This ended up adding almost half a mile to their total distance. I lucked out in that they figured out the error about 15 seconds before I got to that turn so I got to go down the right way. Let me tell you, people were pissed when we suddenly pulled out of a street in front of the group that went the extra distance. I felt bad for them and good for me.

I kept 11 mm splits until mile 6 and then started slowing down but around mile 9 I saw that I was still on track to finish with 12 mm (even) splits which would be faster than the first (and only other time) I ran the half. I had no expectations of beating my previous time so this was a good boost towards the end.

The last 1.5 mile stretch was painful. I listened to Ke$ha's "Blow" twice and then tried to find an inspirational finish song. (okay, I've never actually watched that video before - how hilarious that the Dawson's Creek guy is in it, "Muenster is like edible lactose gold." *ha*)

As I turned onto the last bit before we hit the stadium the boom boxes were playing their own song so I cut off my iPod. Just after I passed the nice group of Jr. High cheerleaders this song started:

I'm not ashamed to admit that a little sob escaped from me. I do love that song. And I finished strong to the finish line and finished 2 minutes faster than my previous attempt. The official time was 2:38:47. Even though I know I'm capable of a better time I am quite proud of that one.

Grabbed snack food for my kids because my stomach wanted no part of it and eventually got home to a bath and rest. I feel pretty good. Sore, of course, but not dead. Around mile 5 I started to feel a blister close to the demon blister from three weeks ago. It got worse and then better. Here it is post race:
The new blister on top and the old on the bottom.
If I didn't have the stomach/bowel issues I'd feel pretty chipper. But don't let my family know because I'm totally taking advantage of laying in bed for as long as I can.

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