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Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh where do we begin? The rubble or our sins?

Weekly Results: 3/24-3/30

I'm not going to list each day's calorie consumption and burned. Just know that I hit my goals, kept my calories consumed low, and got a long walk in 5 days of the 7 with a total of 22 miles walked for the week. Most of the paces were slower this week as it was cold and I was mostly walking with a negative attitude about all things spring related in the North East.

Yesterday I got in a 6 mile walk (in the misty rain but at least it was relatively warm). During the last three miles I did some interval jogging. Not quite the C25K plan but enough to remind myself that I can actually run/jog still.

Total weight loss is about 9 pounds which is good. I'm not feeling as cranky anymore with the lower calories so my body is adjusting. And I allowed some indulgences this week (while still keeping my calories low) so I think that helped my attitude some.

I downloaded the Pompeii song by Bastille for my exercise playlist. It's good to run to and reflects my philosophy of the ruin of my exercise regime and former gains in weight loss and muscle tone.

I just "gotta be an optimist about this". :)

This week's goals: to start the C25K program - but not today as it's freaking snowing again. The rest of the week looks to be nice though.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekly Results: 3/17-3/23

Hard week. Tired, hungry, grumpy, depressed, temporarily elated, "hangry" - all of the above.

Monday: 1500 calories consumed, 600 burned (walk)
Tuesday: 1492 calories consumed, 750 burned (walk)
Wednesday: 1337 calories consumed, 460 burned (walk)
Thursday: 1349 calories consumed, 700 burned (hike)
Friday: 1494 calories consumed, 450 burned (walk)
Saturday: 1159 calories consumed, no exercise
Sunday: 1260 calories consumed, no exercise

Weight: somewhere between 0 and 4 lbs lost

First of all, I need a new scale. Mine is driving me crazy. I had the elation of being down 6 lbs overall (mid-week) but it might have been scale error or just water loss because it floated back up within a couple of days. Today, it initially went down a lot (11 lbs overall) and then back up to only 5 lbs loss overall (all within 5 minutes so my scale doesn't know what it's doing). While I know a 5 lb loss is nothing to sneeze at it's extremely disheartening to see a huge loss and then a regain. I have a non-electronic scale somewhere but I don't know if it's in a box here with us or in storage down in TN. I'm also beginning to seriously doubt the "calories burnt" calculation on MapMyRun which is what I'm using for the above numbers.

I hit my exercise goals and I did great with calorie consumption. So I don't know what to adjust for at this point besides my attitude.

Goals: I got new running shoes and have broken them in so I'm going to start C25K pretty soon but it might be next week because of crappy weather this week. This week might be lower on exercise but keeping within the 1200 calorie allowance. I think the most realistic goal to have this week is just: don't give up. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The annoying long haul

I wish it was as easy to be patient as it is to gain weight.

I put myself on the scale today (even though it's just midweek) and I had an encouraging loss: 6 lbs since I started. I know some of that is just bloat, but I'm eager to lose bloat too so I'm happy for a moment.

But the hard part is seeing 6 lbs lost but 64 to go (to get back to my lowest weight which is actually still overweight for my height). I was doing the math on how much I would have to diet and exercise to lose the weight faster and it's just ridiculously hard to lose more than a couple pounds per week (and even those couple pounds are often really hard).

We get tricked into thinking, if we just work harder we can see the amazing weight loss like they have on programs like Biggest Loser. But according to the math if I would eat only 1200 calories per day, and burn at least 1000 calories everyday through exercise I would still only lose about 4 lbs per week. I say "only" just in comparison to the BL weigh ins where some people lose 8-15 lbs in a week.

I can look long term and know that even just losing 2 pounds a week I would reach my goals in 32 weeks. Which really isn't that long of a time. Months fly by so quickly now that I can barely register them. But it's just hard to convince myself of those long term benefits when I'm so eager to see quick results.

I'm doing really well right now. I'm not tempted by bad food and I'm getting my exercise done but this is only 10 days into this and while I'm doing well it's not easy. I know I'll quickly get tired of eating beans and veggies (right now I'm doing high fiber, low fat, and high protein). Someday soon I'll be drooling over pizza. But I've kind of put a 15 week restriction on all bad things I love so that I can start off strong. After that, if I've reached my first weight goal, I'll allow some things back in on an occasional basis.

I hope anyway - or I may fall off the wagon tomorrow. ;)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly results: 3/10-3/16

Weekly results: broken down by day (current net calorie allowance is 1200/day to lose up to 2 lbs/week):

Monday: 1414 calories intake, no exercise beyond house cleaning
Tuesday: 1726 calories, walk: 500 calorie burn plus Xbox fitness: about 150 calorie burn
Wednesday: 1633 calories, walk: 460 calorie burn
Thursday: 1384 calories, 30 day shred (bad weather): 200 calorie burn
Friday: 1163 calories, no exercise
Saturday: 1600 calories, 4.5 mile walk: 710 calorie burn
Sunday: 1204 calories, no exercise

Weight loss/gain: 1.5 lbs lost

Reflection: it's easy to manage calories but harder to adjust for the other important nutrition info like fat, sat. fat, etc. The nice thing about MyFoodDiary.com is that it lets you know if you're too high or low in any area. But some choices you make earlier in the day can't be eliminated later on - calories yes. Fat and saturated fat - much harder.  Such as I usually drink fat free creamer with my coffee but had Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream on Saturday morning - my fat % was screwed for the rest of the day. My calories were too low on some days but for now I'd rather be a bit lower in case I'm underestimating any of my serving sizes or overestimating on calorie burn.

Exercise was good. The Shred (level one) was hard but I was able to finish - even if not all exercises were done at 100%. The walks were good as well although it's still cold and windy. I use the app MapMyFitness to track distance and calorie burns for walks. However, I ended up not getting a full 5 days of exercise in unless you count the housework which was only a low calorie burn so I won't.

Weight loss - while any loss is good I'll be honest and say I was hoping for at least a 3 lb loss. The loss is exactly what it should have been according to my net calories but I just wanted the stars to align and more to fall off. :) I'll tighten up some more this week. I want the first ten pounds to fall off quicker so I'm not as militant in staying within the "max of 2 lb loss/week" zone. As some of this excess weight falls off I know to be more aware of the net calories as the body will start hoarding energy for storage rather than burning it off - but I'm nowhere near that point yet.

Week 2 Goals:
Pretty much the same as week 1: 5 days of working out (minimum) and managing calories.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Starting again

I was shocked to see my last post was 2011. I thought it would be 2012 and that 2012 was actually just last year (meaning it's only been a year since I was in better shape). Two and a half years without an exercise post helped me with a wake up call (even if I have kept hitting snooze repeatedly).

It's not that I haven't worked out at all over the last 2.5 years but it's been so sporadic and my diet so awful that I've basically set myself back ten years. Well, not mentally - I know a lot more about my abilities and overall fitness than I did 10 years ago. But weight and endurance suck right now.

But starting this week I've recommitted. Mostly I'm tired of looking pregnant and only fitting into stretchy pants but this transition from lazy to trying again has been an idea in  my mind for a while.

I really tried back in the fall. I'm too out of shape to run but I was walking 4-5 miles a day, 3-4 times a week. And we're in an area with lots of hills so they were good workouts. It felt great. I tried Weight Watchers online and while I did lose a couple of pounds I just didn't really like it so I didn't keep up with it - finding foods was difficult and I ran out of points too quickly. :) Then it got super cold and I stopped doing anything and ate my feelings.

So this week, I planned out a menu with healthier foods and I signed up for myfooddiary.com again. After trying a couple of different food journals/calorie trackers over the past few years I still think this is BY FAR the best online product/site. It's only $9/mth so it's less expensive than WW and it offers more details than any other site I've tried (both free and paid). I feel like I can eat healthy with this rather than be on a "diet". It even gives you a sad face when you don't eat enough calories but more importantly it helps you balance out all of fat/protein/carb issues that are confusing to us non dieticians.

I first need to take off weight and build up stamina before focusing on any kind of races or even runs. I have two goals for the next 15 weeks (the time left until we move back to TN).
  • One: to lose 20-30 lbs (1.5-2 lbs a week). I'll still have a lot more to lose to get back to 2010 me but that will put me back in the majority of my clothes and help with my energy. Food tracking should help with this. I hope it will be like the last time I was this heavy and this initial weight comes off easier with healthier eating and managing calories.
  • My second goal is to build up to running a 5k again, even at a slow pace.Exercise for now will be long brisk walks and within a few weeks I'll start a C25K program and some Xbox fitness games for days when the weather is crappy.
Once we're back in TN I can join up with Zumba and other gym classes I love - I didn't like the gym here at all. And if all is going well I'll look at a fall race just to have a race goal to help with my running. I would love to train for a tri again as mixing up the exercise was so much more fun than only running.

I really miss 2010 and 2011 me. Heck, I'd even take 2012 me right now if I could. But since current me is the only me I got right now I will work on making her stronger and healthier. It will be a hard and long road but it has to start someplace. So the blog for now is just my tool to track what I'm doing.

Week 1 goals (each week starts on Monday):
Exercise 5 days (at least), aiming for 500 calorie burns through walks and indoor exercise
Maintain fooddiary - manage calories and eliminate as much processed food as I can.