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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Starting again

I was shocked to see my last post was 2011. I thought it would be 2012 and that 2012 was actually just last year (meaning it's only been a year since I was in better shape). Two and a half years without an exercise post helped me with a wake up call (even if I have kept hitting snooze repeatedly).

It's not that I haven't worked out at all over the last 2.5 years but it's been so sporadic and my diet so awful that I've basically set myself back ten years. Well, not mentally - I know a lot more about my abilities and overall fitness than I did 10 years ago. But weight and endurance suck right now.

But starting this week I've recommitted. Mostly I'm tired of looking pregnant and only fitting into stretchy pants but this transition from lazy to trying again has been an idea in  my mind for a while.

I really tried back in the fall. I'm too out of shape to run but I was walking 4-5 miles a day, 3-4 times a week. And we're in an area with lots of hills so they were good workouts. It felt great. I tried Weight Watchers online and while I did lose a couple of pounds I just didn't really like it so I didn't keep up with it - finding foods was difficult and I ran out of points too quickly. :) Then it got super cold and I stopped doing anything and ate my feelings.

So this week, I planned out a menu with healthier foods and I signed up for myfooddiary.com again. After trying a couple of different food journals/calorie trackers over the past few years I still think this is BY FAR the best online product/site. It's only $9/mth so it's less expensive than WW and it offers more details than any other site I've tried (both free and paid). I feel like I can eat healthy with this rather than be on a "diet". It even gives you a sad face when you don't eat enough calories but more importantly it helps you balance out all of fat/protein/carb issues that are confusing to us non dieticians.

I first need to take off weight and build up stamina before focusing on any kind of races or even runs. I have two goals for the next 15 weeks (the time left until we move back to TN).
  • One: to lose 20-30 lbs (1.5-2 lbs a week). I'll still have a lot more to lose to get back to 2010 me but that will put me back in the majority of my clothes and help with my energy. Food tracking should help with this. I hope it will be like the last time I was this heavy and this initial weight comes off easier with healthier eating and managing calories.
  • My second goal is to build up to running a 5k again, even at a slow pace.Exercise for now will be long brisk walks and within a few weeks I'll start a C25K program and some Xbox fitness games for days when the weather is crappy.
Once we're back in TN I can join up with Zumba and other gym classes I love - I didn't like the gym here at all. And if all is going well I'll look at a fall race just to have a race goal to help with my running. I would love to train for a tri again as mixing up the exercise was so much more fun than only running.

I really miss 2010 and 2011 me. Heck, I'd even take 2012 me right now if I could. But since current me is the only me I got right now I will work on making her stronger and healthier. It will be a hard and long road but it has to start someplace. So the blog for now is just my tool to track what I'm doing.

Week 1 goals (each week starts on Monday):
Exercise 5 days (at least), aiming for 500 calorie burns through walks and indoor exercise
Maintain fooddiary - manage calories and eliminate as much processed food as I can.

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