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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The annoying long haul

I wish it was as easy to be patient as it is to gain weight.

I put myself on the scale today (even though it's just midweek) and I had an encouraging loss: 6 lbs since I started. I know some of that is just bloat, but I'm eager to lose bloat too so I'm happy for a moment.

But the hard part is seeing 6 lbs lost but 64 to go (to get back to my lowest weight which is actually still overweight for my height). I was doing the math on how much I would have to diet and exercise to lose the weight faster and it's just ridiculously hard to lose more than a couple pounds per week (and even those couple pounds are often really hard).

We get tricked into thinking, if we just work harder we can see the amazing weight loss like they have on programs like Biggest Loser. But according to the math if I would eat only 1200 calories per day, and burn at least 1000 calories everyday through exercise I would still only lose about 4 lbs per week. I say "only" just in comparison to the BL weigh ins where some people lose 8-15 lbs in a week.

I can look long term and know that even just losing 2 pounds a week I would reach my goals in 32 weeks. Which really isn't that long of a time. Months fly by so quickly now that I can barely register them. But it's just hard to convince myself of those long term benefits when I'm so eager to see quick results.

I'm doing really well right now. I'm not tempted by bad food and I'm getting my exercise done but this is only 10 days into this and while I'm doing well it's not easy. I know I'll quickly get tired of eating beans and veggies (right now I'm doing high fiber, low fat, and high protein). Someday soon I'll be drooling over pizza. But I've kind of put a 15 week restriction on all bad things I love so that I can start off strong. After that, if I've reached my first weight goal, I'll allow some things back in on an occasional basis.

I hope anyway - or I may fall off the wagon tomorrow. ;)

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