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Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly results: 3/10-3/16

Weekly results: broken down by day (current net calorie allowance is 1200/day to lose up to 2 lbs/week):

Monday: 1414 calories intake, no exercise beyond house cleaning
Tuesday: 1726 calories, walk: 500 calorie burn plus Xbox fitness: about 150 calorie burn
Wednesday: 1633 calories, walk: 460 calorie burn
Thursday: 1384 calories, 30 day shred (bad weather): 200 calorie burn
Friday: 1163 calories, no exercise
Saturday: 1600 calories, 4.5 mile walk: 710 calorie burn
Sunday: 1204 calories, no exercise

Weight loss/gain: 1.5 lbs lost

Reflection: it's easy to manage calories but harder to adjust for the other important nutrition info like fat, sat. fat, etc. The nice thing about MyFoodDiary.com is that it lets you know if you're too high or low in any area. But some choices you make earlier in the day can't be eliminated later on - calories yes. Fat and saturated fat - much harder.  Such as I usually drink fat free creamer with my coffee but had Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream on Saturday morning - my fat % was screwed for the rest of the day. My calories were too low on some days but for now I'd rather be a bit lower in case I'm underestimating any of my serving sizes or overestimating on calorie burn.

Exercise was good. The Shred (level one) was hard but I was able to finish - even if not all exercises were done at 100%. The walks were good as well although it's still cold and windy. I use the app MapMyFitness to track distance and calorie burns for walks. However, I ended up not getting a full 5 days of exercise in unless you count the housework which was only a low calorie burn so I won't.

Weight loss - while any loss is good I'll be honest and say I was hoping for at least a 3 lb loss. The loss is exactly what it should have been according to my net calories but I just wanted the stars to align and more to fall off. :) I'll tighten up some more this week. I want the first ten pounds to fall off quicker so I'm not as militant in staying within the "max of 2 lb loss/week" zone. As some of this excess weight falls off I know to be more aware of the net calories as the body will start hoarding energy for storage rather than burning it off - but I'm nowhere near that point yet.

Week 2 Goals:
Pretty much the same as week 1: 5 days of working out (minimum) and managing calories.

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