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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekly Results: 3/17-3/23

Hard week. Tired, hungry, grumpy, depressed, temporarily elated, "hangry" - all of the above.

Monday: 1500 calories consumed, 600 burned (walk)
Tuesday: 1492 calories consumed, 750 burned (walk)
Wednesday: 1337 calories consumed, 460 burned (walk)
Thursday: 1349 calories consumed, 700 burned (hike)
Friday: 1494 calories consumed, 450 burned (walk)
Saturday: 1159 calories consumed, no exercise
Sunday: 1260 calories consumed, no exercise

Weight: somewhere between 0 and 4 lbs lost

First of all, I need a new scale. Mine is driving me crazy. I had the elation of being down 6 lbs overall (mid-week) but it might have been scale error or just water loss because it floated back up within a couple of days. Today, it initially went down a lot (11 lbs overall) and then back up to only 5 lbs loss overall (all within 5 minutes so my scale doesn't know what it's doing). While I know a 5 lb loss is nothing to sneeze at it's extremely disheartening to see a huge loss and then a regain. I have a non-electronic scale somewhere but I don't know if it's in a box here with us or in storage down in TN. I'm also beginning to seriously doubt the "calories burnt" calculation on MapMyRun which is what I'm using for the above numbers.

I hit my exercise goals and I did great with calorie consumption. So I don't know what to adjust for at this point besides my attitude.

Goals: I got new running shoes and have broken them in so I'm going to start C25K pretty soon but it might be next week because of crappy weather this week. This week might be lower on exercise but keeping within the 1200 calorie allowance. I think the most realistic goal to have this week is just: don't give up. :)

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