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Friday, April 4, 2014

Am I hungry or bored?

The problem with becoming calorie obsessed is that you are always thinking about calories. Like how can I justify eating this bag of chips? Or if I eat this and not that THEN I can eat that other thing that I really want (even though it's by far the less healthy option)... Of course there's more to a healthy diet than just calories but yesterday I just had to have the Pringles. Screw the fat percentages going into the red "frowny face" zone on my daily report.

Pringles.... Oooooohhhhh.... Salty goodness....
Some days I have no issues staying within, or even under, the 1200 net calories allowance. Some days it's decidedly harder. I'm not low carb on this diet at all but even so I'm craving bread, crackers, chips, and anything salty/carby like that. Sometimes I am actually hungry, you know stomach growling and what not. But there's also a lifetime of bad eating habits to conquer, including boredom eating which is what I've fallen into while we've been in the northeast during this long cold winter.

My family likes Dominoes hand-tossed crust pizzas. It usually is a weekly purchase. Usually I'll have 2-3 pieces. (Which helps explain how I so easily gain weight.) But this week (after close to a month without ordering one) we had one and I only ate one piece (which was carefully planned within my daily allowance except for sodium intake which I frequently get red zoned for anyway). Sure I was licking my fingers to savor each salty crumb but I stuck with just one.

So a couple of victories and a couple of defeats. I'm sure to fall off the bandwagon a few times on this venture. But everyday is a chance to redeem myself if I do over indulge on Pringles. And my daughter isn't allowed to go shopping with me anymore which is how we even got Pringles inside the house...

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