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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

C25K Update

Just finished week 4 of C25K. The first four weeks have (overall) been good and I still think that this has been the best way to get back into running. I always go further than what the daily plan calls for. For the first couple weeks I went 3 miles (the segments only get me to about 2 miles, though each week I do get a bit further). This past week I've been going about 4.5 miles (which takes on average about 55 minutes). At first I would just run on the flat or downhill portions of the extra mileage but I added in running on more hills each day. I really hate hills but there is a sense of accomplishment when you get to the top.

Today was rainy when we first woke up. The rain kept up until lunch. Once again the temps dropped and I was freezing when I first went outside. Usually I start the C25K app at a certain point in our neighborhood - it gives me a couple extra minutes of a warm up. But today that sucker started as soon as I walked out the door because I just wanted to get warm quickly which I knew would happen as soon as I finished the first jog portion. Even so, I was 3/4 through the whole thing before I found any kind of groove. Since I did start the app sooner I was able to get a better feeling of my pace. I got to mile 3 at 38 minutes (and something seconds - I can't quite remember). So with the walking portions I feel like that's a decent pace. My hope is just to be under 35 minutes once I do run the 5k in early June.  My time for my first 5k was 31:10 but I weighed a lot less and had been training for much longer. We'll see, maybe I'll feel more confident in a couple more weeks.

First I need to get through week 5 - which frankly is freaking me out.

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