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Saturday, April 12, 2014

One month later...

So I've been doing this for one month now. It's been full of ups and downs emotion wise but overall it's been a pretty good month. I've worked out 24 of the 30 days and have logged close to 100 miles in walking and with C25K (now starting week 3).

After using Occam's Razor reasoning with my scale I replaced the batteries and BOOM it works again. Finally a weight reading I can trust.

So in one month I'm down 12 pounds. Not too shabby. It's a lot of effort to lose a pound. I get trapped into the reasoning that if you just work out and watch what you eat the weight will pour off. So when it just oozes off slowly it sometimes feels defeating but that's just all in my head.

Goals for the next month are:
  • To keep going with the C25K. I really want to get back into running. It feels great (until my lungs and heart threaten to explode) it brings me to a good place mentally. I really have my eyes on a late fall 1/2 marathon. I'll have to register for it pretty soon (before it sells out) , I guess it's just my fear and doubt that has kept me from going ahead and registering for it right now.
  • Of course weight loss. If I can get another 12 lbs down I'll be happy. We'll see what happens.
  • Toning and sculpting. Muscles have to come back. I miss having definition and strength. See this old post: http://ihategatorade2.blogspot.com/2010/03/complete-self-indulgence.html. So I'll add in some additional workouts to work on sculpting more than calorie burn (since I'm taking care of the calorie burns with my miles).
Okay, so here it goes again.

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