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Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekly Results 4/14-4/20

Ended up about how I predicted. Made it through week three of C25K and started week 4. But due to one rainy day and two travel days my overall mileage for the week is lower: about 20 miles once you count the small walks we did as a family on our short trip. On the rainy day I did two videos and I did videos on two other days this past week as well, even tried level two of Shred which was not all that glorious. About 4200 calories burned for the week.

Good and bad. The rainy day (Tuesday) we went to the movies and I couldn't resist the popcorn and then later some chips at Moe's. While I ended up the day with overall numbers that weren't too bad I still felt the defeat of binging on popcorn and chips. For our travel days I used my birthday as an excuse and didn't count calories at all - until I came home and tried to remember everything I ate. I indulged on a good amount of wine, a cupcake, and other carby treats. It was a couple of bad days but I don't feel bad about them. I tried to make up for them on Saturday and Sunday.

Weight loss:
1.5 lb loss - hit my 15 lb goal in spite of the indulgences. This is the end of week 6 so that's an average of 2.5 lbs per week.

Next week:
So now I'm on week 4 of C25K and will start week 5 before my next results post. The runs are getting longer which is good but also a bit scary to look at the days ahead (w5d 2 is a sudden jump up to a 20 minute run). My endurance has everything to do with whether I'm on a hilly or flat area. Unfortunately (or fortunately in the long run), there isn't a lot of "flat" around here. So far I've been able to stay jogging as long as each segment has lasted but my pace is still pretty slow (my guess is somewhere around a 12 m/m but that's just going on how I feel). And I have been known to exhale, "Thank GOD!" at the end of some segments. My only goal pace wise right now is once I am jogging the whole thing is to aim for a 11-12 m/m pace. That's much slower than I used to go (for this distance) but realistic for my current level of fitness/endurance. I have all summer to increase the pace. I also will go right into a 10k training plan once the 5k is done but that won't be until the end of May.

The kids will be back in school this week and the weather promises to be nice so I should be able to up my overall mileage again with long walks on the days I'm not doing C25K. I also want to continue to do strength training with my videos and such. Diet remains the same - will aim for 20-25% fat, 50% carb, and 25-30% protein (% of overall daily calories). Aiming for 1200-1400 calories per day.

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