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Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Results: 4/21-4/27

30.61 miles, 5794 calories burned, 3 days of toning exercises. Completed week 4 of C25K and completed two days of week 5 (had to change/move up the schedule a bit due to weather and a change to my regular schedule next week due to a possible trip).

Calories were fine, the first three days were a bit higher on carbs (55-60% of daily calories) but some of those carbs were the healthier sort such as beans so it's not a big deal. While I think the lower carbs do accelerate the weight loss I will adjust for up to 60% on the days before C25K runs because it makes more sense now that the running portion is longer. :) Plus, I just don't have a lot of options for lower carbs since I don't eat much meat. Except for my occasional chip lapse I do well on eating high fiber carbs so I'll stop worrying too much about that aspect of my diet.

2 pound loss.

Next Week:
I think 30 miles a week is plenty mileage wise right now so I'm going to keep 25-30 miles as my weekly goal. I thought was going on a short trip this week to meet up with a friend in NYC but that got cancelled due to weather (on her end). So I'll complete my 20 minute run on Tuesday - I'm eager to see how it will go. I'll adjust my normal route a bit to avoid the bigger hills to help my overall endurance.

Besides Tuesday, as I look ahead on the C25K schedule I only have 2 more days of intervals left (both in week 6 which I'll start Thursday or Friday of this week).  So, soon I'll be changing my mode of thinking from just running for "x" amount of minutes to trying to increase pace to get "x" amount of miles in those minutes. As I mentioned before I'm definitely nowhere close to a 10 m/m pace so the C25K app is not getting me to the actual 5k distance but I don't mind adding on the extra distance within my training.

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