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Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Results: 4/7-4/13

Another solid week for exercising. Full seven days. just under 29 miles, 5200 calories burned. Completed the second week of C25K and started the third week. Got in a few strength training exercises in as well. Killed my muscles for a while but felt much better at the end of the week. Blisters are still a problem. I can make it through my walks or C25K sessions but afterwards it's sometimes hard to hobble around the house.

Calories are fine (between 1300-1500 calories per day) and didn't feel quite the need to carb/salt load as I did at the end of last week. Played with my total percentages of carb intake (while keeping my calorie totals about the same) and it seems to be okay so far. Sunday ended up going a bit south (still way below allowed net calories but the overall balance wasn't great) as I let frustrations with the kids lure me to the dark side again but each day starts new again.

Finally got the wonky scale to work. 14 lbs lost total. Not sure how much of that came off last week since I couldn't trust any weight readings last week. But my guess is about 3 pounds. The carb reductions do seem to be pushing the weight down quicker.

Upcoming Week
Finish week 3 of C25K (day two on Monday and day three on Wednesday). Start week 4 on Saturday (4/19). Will be heading out for a mini vacation for my birthday so I'll have two days with a different schedule. We'll be walking around a lot but as it will be as a family the pace will be slow and the distance will be shorter. I also want to indulge a bit for my b-day but I'll try to keep the damage to a minimum. I should be able to hit my 15 pound loss before we leave so my hope really is to maintain. Also, this week is my kids' spring break so the whole week will be a bit off.

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