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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chugging along

Doing well exercise wise so far this week. Just got back from finishing day one of week 7 for C25K. This called for a 25 minute run but I went for 31 minutes to see how close to 3 miles I could get. And if I had stuck it out for two or three more minutes I would have made it. Counting my walks at the beginning (2 min) and end (3 min) it took 35:49 to get to 3 miles. My splits were 12:00, 11:38, and 12:07. So I'm getting there. Now it's just a matter of trying to mimic the race course as much as possible. Here is what I ran today:

Hello hills!
I wanted the end to be downhill but of course you have to come back uphill to get to where I live. Mile 4 was a really slow walk...

However, here is the race course:

Now keep in mind that my training route has more than a 150 feet elevation change for the big downhill in the middle where the race course maxes out at around 40 feet (in one climb) for that climb in the middle.

So I'll spend part of this afternoon mapping out courses around my neighborhood. You can't tell very well on the first elevation graph but from .5 mile to 1 mile is about a 30-40 feet long climb so it's closer to what I will be dealing with. I don't have to deal with that monster hill in the first graph but if I start from my house all other courses will give me another significant long climb from mile 2-3, which is what I'm trying to avoid at this point in my training but I guess it's better to train and get used to that so the 5k feels much easier.

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