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Thursday, May 29, 2014

I got nothing...

So unmotivated this week. I got in the C2-10K run on Monday (three 15 min segments) and it was slower than my 10 minute segments but I completed it. Tuesday I did shorter intervals (four segments of 5 min runs) for 2 miles and a walk for 2 miles. Wednesday I went out to do the C2-10K again but got into an argument/discussion with my husband (who went along with me) and turned around and came home and ate chicken wings for lunch.

So today, I'm trying to convince myself to get back out there. It doesn't help that the scale has nudged up a pound and isn't changing at all this week (because chicken wings are surely helping that situation rectify itself). That demotivates me rather than pushes me...

It's all hormonal - I know this but knowing that doesn't help, I'm still feeling blah.

So instead of potentially not doing anything today I will not push myself to do the 15 minute segments which make my brain angry to think about. I will just go out and do shorter intervals again and know that there's always tomorrow.

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