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Friday, May 16, 2014

In which I swallow several bugs.

When we first moved to Connecticut it was August and lovely. Sometimes hot but hot here was much cooler than hot in Tennessee so we enjoyed long evenings on the back deck and pretty drives around the country side.

Our part of CT is really rural and it seems like hardly anyone lives here but there are plenty of houses tucked up in the trees. And occasionally a great red barn.
But then, after a gorgeous fall, winter came and it looked like this for several months.
It didn't thaw until March - when I started this journey and was able to walk along the roads again without snow boots. It stayed cold and spring took a really long time to arrive and for the trees to come back to life. In TN that starts in March but it didn't really start here until the last couple of weeks. Now it's consistently over 60 degrees and almost all of the trees have started growing their leaves again. Once again I'm in awe of the massive amount of greenery around us. We moved to middle Tennessee from Arizona so the greenery in TN compared to AZ was amazing but now when we go back to TN we joke that it's going to look almost barren.

Foggy spring run
Of course with all of this greenery comes allergies (which means mouth breathing while running). And lots of rain. And bugs (which along with the mouth breathing comes bug inhalation). Life can't be perfect after all.

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