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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mental failures

So now that the weather is warming up I have a few items that I run with. At times though it feels like a bit much.

One thing I've added on is bringing water with me. I bought a couple of products like 3 years ago when I was running more regularly but they've been tucked away in a storage closet for a while.

So this morning I searched through the house for my hand-held bottle carrier thing. I had the bottle with my kitchen stuff and I hoped the actual holder was with my other exercise stuff. I found my hydration belt - which holds 4, 6 oz bottles, but otherwise I only found some weird thing with loops on it that I just couldn't figure out what it did.

I looked at it a while. Picked it up, put the loops on my fingers, tried to figure out how it could hook onto something I was wearing. And really, really wondered where I even got this thing. Was it from some kind of race goody bag? What did it do?

After feeling like I was on an episode of "Ask this Old House" :
I finally got online and Googled Amphipod products:
And mystery solved.
Yeah, I'm pretty smart...

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