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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oh yeah, I did it...

So at first my one night get-away to NYC was cancelled and then it was rescheduled. So six hours of driving, 3 drinks, some yummy food, and one entire bag of popcorn later I'm back.

But before I left I got in week 5, day 3 of the C25k which was the 20 minute run. Once again it was cold outside (seriously, mother nature?) so I was eager to get going and warm again. The transition to southern weather is going to be difficult this summer... I had planned my route so that it wouldn't be too difficult (i.e. no big hills). And it was fine. I went slowly (about 12 m/m) and while I was happy for the 20 minutes to be over I wasn't dying at the end. So maybe I'll get through this program after all. :)

Now, it's on to fixing some of the damage of the last couple of days. But man they were good drinks.

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