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Friday, May 30, 2014

Screw the plan, accomplish a milestone. Or all's well that ends well.

Writing this on Thursday but will post on Friday - to give you all (like the 3 or 4 of you) something to read before your weekend begins.

So when I last wrote an hour or two ago I was cranky. And while I'm still cranky, let's face it I'll be cranky for 3-5 days and abnormally hungry while we're at it, I feel a bit better about life in general.

After posting I put on my running clothes and got myself ready to hit the road. After an initial malfunction of the app on my phone I chose an interval segment that was run 5, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5. After I left our complex (which is a 5 minute walk in itself) I decided that I would ditch my normal run route and do something different. It would mean more hills but I was in the mood for something different. This route is usually one I save for my long walks. It can either be about 4.5 miles or 6 miles depending on if I take an extra loop within one of the nearby subdivisions. It goes by a golf course and has lovely views and one killer hill along with several other smaller hills.

The first 5 min running segment was the worst. My legs felt like lead. But surprisingly once I hit the first of the hills I felt a bit better. I hit three more hills before the end of the 8 min segment and it was really at that point that I decided I would do the longer course knowing that I would hit the killer hill right after mile 3. The last 5 minute segment found me cruising down one side of the killer hill and into the golf course area. I decided to make it a 10 minute segment since that was a nice part to run along.

picture taken on a walk last week of the road by the golf course

After the 10 minute segment that particular workout was complete so I had to decide what I would do for the rest of the way back. After walking for about 5 minutes I picked a 3 part 5 minute run, 3 minute walk interval. I could judge, distance wise, that with those intervals I would be running on the killer hill.

Back in early April when I first started this "get back into running shape adventure" I entertained thoughts/goals of being able to run up this particular hill as part of a 10k run. So while I was only doing intervals it did excite my brain a bit to try running up this hill for the first time (I've ran down it on some of my previous runs but have always walked back up).

The hill covers a little over a quarter mile and can be split into two portions because there is a side street about 3/4 of the way up. The first 3/4 is not as steep as the last 1/4 but it's still a 8-9% incline and since it lasts longer it's much more painful than the last 1/4 of the hill.

So I started on my jog up the hill - I have no idea what my pace was because my GPS app had temporarily crapped out on me. I was slow though. It got really painful towards the end of that first portion and once I hit the side street I stopped for a walking break even though I technically still had one more minute left to run. The side street is just a cul-de-sac so I walked for 4 minutes down that street and back, and then started jogging again a little bit before I hit the second portion of the hill. I did better on the second portion as I remembered to engage my glutes and thighs a bit more and it's shorter so the pain ends before it gets too bad.

Because I felt good about jogging the hill and because it wore me out I decided not to do the 6 mile option and just cut it short at 4.5 miles. I finished the last 5 minutes of running within our complex which meant a couple more hills to climb but at that point they were nothing in comparison.

So I tackled the beast of the hill for the first time which was something I hoped to accomplish before leaving here. And overall it took me about 65 minutes total and burned 955 calories so I call it good even if I didn't stick to "the plan" for this week.

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