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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Carlton Run

As I mentioned before I have now changed my C25K app for a C2-10K app and this week each run calls for 4 segments of 10 minute runs followed by 1 minute walks. I did the three days for this week on Monday, Wednesday, and today (Friday).

On Monday, I did well and finished each segment without too many issues and even jogged an extra five minutes at the end (where I had a downhill anyway). My mile splits were 13:16 (this included the 5 minute warm up walk), 12:17, 12:01, and 11:49. I was really happy with the negative splits since the second 2 segments included more rolling hills.

On Wednesday, however, things did not go as well. The main reason was the heat. Not that 65 is hot but it felt a lot warmer and the sun was beating down on me (seriously I'm going to die when we go back to TN). The first two segments were just like Monday but at the end of segment two I took a 2 minute walk instead of one minute which made segment three just a 9 minute run. And segment four was probably only a 6-7 minute run because I felt so awful.  My mile splits for this day were: 13:26, 12:03, 13:14, and 16:44.

So today, I wasn't looking forward to my run (jog, whatever). It is a lot cooler with overcast skies so that was a positive. I indulged on a bit more calories and carbs with my breakfast. But I still headed out with a grumpy outlook.

The end of my first 10 minute segment puts me around the 1.25 mile mark which is about a 25 foot drop on a hill that ends in a cul-de-sac and therefore I have to turn around and run right back UP that 25 foot incline. Since my 10 minutes were up just as I was descending the hill I thought I am going to keep running an extra minute and have my 1 minute walk as I go up the hill. It was a good choice. I still went the full 10 minutes for the next segment and I had gotten further distance wise than I did on Monday so I knew I was doing well. Segment three wasn't all that fun as I started mentally bargaining with myself on how I was going to use that extra minute of running that I gained. Would I give myself a 9 minute segment? I decided to still go the full 10 minutes on segment three and to save the extra minute for segment 4. But as I got to segment 4 and hit the last uphill WAY before the segment ended I kept going for the full 10 minutes (since I was going downhill it was way easier). I was able to negatively split again and the times were better than on Monday: 13:52, 11:53, 11:35, and 11:31.

So I felt a bit proud of myself.

Next week the plan calls for 3 segments of 15 minute runs with 1 minute walks. I probably will only do 2 days of it and wait on the 3rd day until after the 5k on the 1st. That way I can rest up my legs a bit on Thursday and Friday. I still don't know what to expect time wise for the 5k. Around 35-36 minutes is my prediction if all goes well. If it's faster than that I will be ecstatic but I don't think it will happen. And there's a good chance I will go over 36 minutes as well. So we'll just have to see.

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