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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two months later...

I told you time would fly by. I thought the 11th was my monthly anniversary (of this newest attempt) but it turns out it's actually the 10th. But I cannot believe another month has rolled by since my "One month later" post back in April.

So now I'm up to almost 200 miles logged in (through walks and C25K jogs) and I've kept consistently active. I did increase my cross training though I would still like to add more - if I've had a good week I've usually done at least 3 days of cross training but I'd like to get that up to 5 to help build up more muscle. I can almost get through the whole lunges set and the triceps set on one of my DVD's. I've always had more difficulty with lunges as my calves cramp up while I'm doing them. I also still have a lot of ab work to do.

I'm down 22.5 pounds now. So I didn't get another 12 lbs in one month (it was only 10.5) but seeing how I indulged more this month that's not surprising. I stalled out for about a week at around 20 lbs lost but that was also hormone related. Things seem to be going better now as I had a sudden 2 lb drop that shocked the heck out of me.

I registered for the half marathon in November and am also seriously considering the half in October but that one is much harder to get into (it sold out within a couple of hours last year). I'm feeling better about my running now that I've increased the amount of time I can run. I got to a full 5k distance yesterday (more about that in a later post). And while I'm still no where close to my times/pace from 2-3 years ago (which weren't all that impressive but still much faster) that doesn't worry me too much as I know I can get back to that.

Goals for the next month:
  • Get from a 5k distance to a 10k distance with my running.
  • Increase cross training to 5 days a week, especially ab work. While I'm losing weight and increasing endurance I still have a lot of body fat to work on.
  • Keep up the average loss of 2-3 lbs a week.
  • Diet wise: keep an eye on fiber intake, trying to get 35-40 grams a day while keeping my carb intake between 50-55% of my daily calories. I haven't had issues with fat and protein percentages so I'll just keep going with that.
  • To look as awesome as Lucy on the stationary bike.

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